SimTech is the most reliable and cost-effective source of high-fidelity, validated radar and IR signature models, simulation software and system performance analysis for advanced missile system simulation, test and evaluation. We know our industry, and because of our experience, we’re equipped to handle a variety of capabilities.

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Radar & Optics

SimTech’s expert engineers and scientists design and implement radar signal/scene generation hardware and software.

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System Simulation & HIL Integration

SimTech engineers design interfaces and integrate missile system assets into hardware-in-the-loop environments for testing.

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SimTech uses the latest design tools to design, develop, test and integrate specialized prototypes and interfaces for HIL simulations.

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SimTech engineers develop and test prototype hardware and support missile sensor testing in laboratory and range environments.

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Software & Analysis

SimTech programmers provide specialized codes for real-time and high resolution digital scene generation, as well as software to control hardware interfaces for HIL simulations.

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Cyber & Program Support

SimTech budget analysts and administrative personnel provide a variety of cyber, logistics, configuration management and other administrative tasks.

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