SimTech engineers and scientists design and implement radar signal/scene generation hardware and software. We collect radar and IR measurements of targets and environments and design models using both empirical and predictive techniques.

  • IR and Visible Signature Modeling of GMDS Threats using OSC and Optisig for Complex Engagement Scenarious, Endo- and Exo-Atmospheric Targets
  • IR Signature Predictions for Ground Targets, MOUT and Maritime Targets using MuSES
  • Radar Scene Generation for Digital and HIL Simulation
  • Radar Empirical Ground, Maritime and Missile Threat Target Models
  • SAR-Quality Radar Clutter Models for Scene Generation
  • Radar Countermeasure Models: Chaff, Multispectral Smoke, Active and Passive Jammers
  • Radar Target Blade Modulation Modeling (Helicopter, JEM)
  • Radar Target Rotating Components Modeling