Radar Scene Generation


SimTech is the expert in the design, development, integration and testing of radar scene generation hardware and software for hardware-in-the-loop and processor-in-the-loop testing.

SimTech RF engineers perform antenna array layout and design and specify, install and test radar signal generation equipment. SimTech engineers perform detailed radar scene generation software design for effective parallel execution and maximum code efficiency. Low level code work includes design of special numerical methods and assembly language vector math routines as needed to achieve the optimum combination of RF scene complexity and software execution speed.

Common Scene Generator

SimTech engineers developed, continue to upgrade, and support the radar scene generator that is linked within the Army’s Common Scene Generator (CSG).

The CSG is supplied to missile developers for use in development and performance evaluations of multispectral seekers. The radar scene generator is capable of producing high resolution range and Doppler images of scenes that contain targets, discrete objects, rotating target or background components, and countermeasure effects. Flexibility in the scene generator allows use of varying radar design components such as polarization, waveforms, and processing algorithms.